Since 1960 our vocation for
craftsmanship and industrial
experience at the service of luxury
leather goods.

We are specialised in small leather goods: wallets and coin purses, clutches, key rings, organisers, card holders, cases, desk pads. As well as handbags, backpacks and special projects.
Producing leather goods where you can see an “expert touch” implies the ability to best interpret each type of leather and to “dress” each item in the most natural and balanced way.

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Artigianato industriale
Industrial craftmanship
on a contract basis.
We started in 1960 as a family company
and we still feel that way today, with
the third generation of entrepreneurs
running the company after more
than twenty years of business on an
industrial scale.

Since 2000 we work exclusively on a contract basis, for some of the most prestigious high-end brands in the European fashion industry, putting our vocation for craftsmanship and our industrial skills at their service.

The high quality of our products is combined with a large production capacity and considerable flexibility. We have automated every possible production step without impacting the quality of the product. But we know that it’s the manual skills of the craftsman that make the difference, creating luxury leather goods.


Luxury leather goods
since 1960.
The model, the prototype, the
correction of defects: the product has
always been designed and developed
in Italy prior to its industrialisation in

Our production carefully follows the specifications of our customers. Very often, however, we cannot limit ourselves to this only. We are in constant contact with the leading tanneries in the world and with a large number of suppliers of every leather accessory. For this reason, we guide our customers in selecting materials and provide recommendations about the processing to be done to make their project a success, even creating the wallet, the clutch or the bag for the next collection together.
Our modellers had many years of experience behind them. Over the years they have developed the perception necessary in order to prevent the most common defects and understand how a certain type of leather will act during processing. They use complex CAD software and modern cutting plotters. But sometimes, for some special projects, they prefer to put pencil and set square to paper and cut the model using a ruler and cutter.

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A modern 4,000 sq.m facility
We create artisan leather goods on an
industrial scale, a production system
in which the care and attention of
our expert craftsmen are ingrained
approaches diffused on all levels.

“Maromed 1992” was established in 1992, and production was transferred to Tunisia.
The heart of the company remains in the laboratory in San Lazzaro di Savena (Bo) together with everything that supports and validates production: product development, prototyping, raw material logistics, quality control.
In 2013 the new site was already productive and passed all the audits required by many important customers.
Our production is able to take on very large orders. The high level of specific know-how makes it possible to industrialise almost any small leather item, respecting the delivery times and guaranteeing the optimal quality of the finished product, with a defect margin close to zero.

Controllo qualità
The quality of our products
is the key to everything
The quality of our products is our
main focus. Every organisational and
production decision depends on our
desire to supply excellent products.

Every single piece we produce is subjected to an initial rigorous quality control in Tunisia. The second is carried out in San Lazzaro di Savena (Bo), where a specific department proceeds as if the first inspection never took place.
We apply selection criteria that are so stringent that many of our long-term customers have authorised us to send our finished products already packaged directly to their central warehouses.
Our quality control personnel, trained leather craftsmen with many years of experience, know that for every productive batch, the error margins must be close to zero.

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60 years of experience

Località Cicogna
Via Remigia, 15
San Lazzaro di Savena (Bo) - Italy

Telefono: 051 625 9039

P.IVA 00519301204